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About Us

Club and Leisure Partners is a holding company that manages large scale aquatics and fitness facilities through an expert corporate staff that is both a reliable advisory team and an experienced management team.

CLP was created to better service our clients by giving you easy access to all of our companies and resources. At CLP, we treat our clients, partners and staff like family, which makes what we do ever more distinguished and rewarding.

Zach Brown


Zach began working with Swim Club Management Group (SCMG) in 2015 after spending over a decade in the hospitality and facility management industry. Prior to joining SCMG, he was also involved in the aquatic and risk management industries serving both as a consultant and instructor for various large scale facilities nationwide.
During his time with SCMG, Zach has held various leadership roles in support of the Charlotte market and large scale facility operations across the company. In 2020, he was named Vice President with Club and Leisure Partners.

Brooke Foster

Recruiting and Training Coordinator

Brooke began her aquatics career in 2010 working alongside Zach in the Carolinas in the hospitality and facility management industry. During that time, she held various leadership and training roles that allowed her to serve as a safety consultant with Jeff Ellis & Associates for aquatic properties throughout the United States.

In 2017, Brooke followed her passion for teaching into a teaching career while helping to support Swim Club Management Group and Club and Leisure operations throughout multiple seasons. In 2022, Brooke rejoined the team in a fulltime capacity with direct focus on staff recruitment, training and facility auditing. She now oversees a team of individuals throughout our various markets to support those areas of focus.

Erica Copley

Director of Large Scale Aquatics/Youth Programs

Erica joined Swim Club Management Group in 2016, after spending the previous decade in Atlanta, GA working with various large scale facility operations. She has worked in the Aquatics industry since 2001 and in youth programming since 2003.

While in Atlanta, Erica worked in professional sports and the private club industry. She has driven success in all aspects of club management, from membership to programming to overall operations and training. Erica believes in creating smiles for all ages and groups, whether it be one person or 100,000.

George Eversmann

Director of Operations

George joined Club and Leisure Partners and Swim Club Management Group as the Executive Director for aquatic properties in 2021 after a lengthy career in the collegiate athletic and retail industries. He has held multiple leadership and operational improvement roles over the course of his career.

Since 2021, George has helped lead multiple aquatic teams across various geographical markets to financial success and operational safety within our portfolio. He helps to support both the year round and seasonal operations while ensuring business development efforts are enhanced through continuous training endeavors.

Philip Ritchy

Director of Fitness Operations

Philip has held various roles within Swim Club Management Group (SCMG) since 2005. He has over 15 years of experience in the fitness and large-scale facility operations industry.

Throughout this time, Philip has traveled the country presenting to various groups, working with numerous industry leaders, developed and implemented innovative programming and classes, and launched new fitness products in multiple markets. His most recent projects included collaborating with a new fitness product that was featured on Shark Tank as well as bringing the Rock Steady Boxing program to various markets. Philip is one of the most dynamic and passionate leaders within the industry.

With over 60 years in the Aquatics & Facility Management industry, our executive team’s experience speaks for itself. From national safety consultants, to decades of hospitality experience, including their work with platinum-level private clubs; Club and Leisure Partners has experienced what you are going through and has the solution for you!

Our Values


Caring for our clients’ well-being always comes first. Our teams maintain a heightened level of focus, whether it is an aquatic environment or fitness facility, the mission remains the same and we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional culture of safety.


Our best work comes from working together as a team, and that includes working with our clients to ensure that their facilities are as impressive as the communities they represent. Our relationship should always feel like a true partnership and that is exactly how we approach each client relationship.

Guest Experience

Providing a great guest experience adds value to our service and strengthens the bond of our partnerships. We believe that the little things matter, and we teach our team members to go above and beyond in providing exceptional service with the goal of creating Raving Fans.


Maintaining a clean environment is a critically important component of managing any client facility successfully. We take extreme pride and hold ourselves accountable in creating and maintaining clean facilities that everyone can be proud of.


We believe in delivering on our promises and adding value beyond expectations. We start with an experienced management team, committed to providing quality service, and then holding all of our employees to this same high standard.